Web Design Portfolio

Websites are each custom built and hand coded. Notice the wide variety of styles, formats, and designs -- you aren't constrained by default templates with BrightBird. Each website is designed with your unique situation in mind, taking into consideration:
  • your personal preferences,
  • what your customers will like,
  • what your competitors are up to, and
  • your budget.
Being business people ourselves, we understand every dollar needs to provide a return. Often coming in substantially more affordable than other agencies, we work hard to ensure your budget doesn't prevent you from a solution that makes sense. Click on an image below to view the website live; you'll be able to see "Website by www.brightbird.ca" at the bottom of each site -- so you know they really are our developments.

Tourism Industry

Athabasca Valley Inn And Suites Website Designed in Hinton
Jasper East Cabins Website Hinton
Salt Spring Island Harbour House Hotel Website Built in Hinton

Online Stores

Health & Wellness


Miscellaneous Amazing Businesses